First Ride: 2014 Honda Forza

The good folks over at have posted their First Ride of the 2014 Honda Forza. From the sound of it, the Forza is a worthwhile mid-size scooter for the just about anyone in the market. The power is excellent, the brakes are top-notch and the overall handling is more stable than your run-of-the-mill scooter. But there are some compromises such as the less than roomy cockpit and so-so suspension. For … [Read More...]

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First Look: Genuine Stella Automatic

I stumbled across a post from Scooter Works on the facebooks Tuesday afternoon, and must admit – this is the first I’ve heard about an automatic Stella… I found a bit more information on the soon-to-be-released Stella Automatic after a little digging. For all intents and purposes the Stella is an LML Star4 that was […]

BMW Will Produce the C Evolution Electric Scooter in 2014

Here’s the official video for the BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter… And video is just what it is. No techno beats in the background or voice-over here. You just get to listed to the spacey sound of BMW’s answer to the electric Maxi-Scooter. The C Evolution is reported to be coming to North America some […]

Can it Be.e… A Scooter Made From Plants?

It’s true. This scooter is made from plants… The Be.e from Waarmakers is a frameless bio-composite electric scooter. It has a monocoque body; a (not completely, ahem) unique construction in which the object’s external skin supports the load, similar to an eggshell, eliminating the need for a frame and the usual numerous plastic panels. This structural […]

Kymco MyRoad 700i Ride Review at

Kymco has finally brought their 700cc Maxi-Scoot to the US markets and has a great write up on their first impressions. As can be expected, 700cc’s of anything might be a bit more than some prefer in a scooter, but overall the review is positive. The author’s list of “Pros” include good braking, throttle […]