First Look: Genuine Stella Automatic

Genuine Stella Automatic

Stella Automatic – Image via Scooter Works

I stumbled across a post from Scooter Works on the facebooks Tuesday afternoon, and must admit – this is the first I’ve heard about an automatic Stella…

I found a bit more information on the soon-to-be-released Stella Automatic after a little digging. For all intents and purposes the Stella is an LML Star4 that was originally introduced at the EICMA in 2012. It features a 4-stroke 125cc engine mated to a variator (automatic) transmission developed and provided by Adler.

Some frame modifications were needed to fit the new motor into the old-style body, but the weight reduction should allow a bit more agility. The rear brake is no longer operated by a foot pedal, but has been moved to a lever on the left side of the headset, replacing what would normally be the clutch lever on the manual transmission models.

Fuel capacity has been increased to 1.85 gallons, and the company claims it should get more than 100 miles per gallon.

If you’re into the classic look but not into changing gears, the Stella Automatic might be worth a look.

There is relatively no information on the automatic to be found at the Genuine Scooters website, but Scooter Works has some details. More information on the LML Star 4 Automatica can be found at ZigWheels.

Genuine Stella Automatic

Genuine Stella Automatic – Image via Scooter Works

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